Một danh sách tài nguyên từ các sự kiện tự nhiên và sinh thái con người ngày tháng 9. 9, 2015

Giáo hội công giáo

Công giáo khí hậu giao ước is a united body of Catholic laity, giáo xứ, và các tổ chức khác đang làm việc để giải quyết biến đổi khí hậu và giúp các gia đình dễ bị tổn. Các đối tác quốc gia bao gồm hội nghị giám mục công giáo Hoa Kỳ (USCCB), Cuộc sống nông thôn công giáo, and Catholic Charities. (catholicclimatecovenant.org)

USCCB Environmental Justice Program, a program of the USCCB Department of Justice, Hòa bình & Human Development, aims to help educate and motivate Catholics to a deeper respect for all of God’s creation and to actively address environmental problems. (usccb.org/issues-and-action/human-life-and-dignity/environment/index.cfm)

Cuộc sống nông thôn công giáo is a member-based, national organization that applies Catholic social teaching to the issues facing rural America and works to strengthen the Church in the countryside. (catholicrurallife.org)


General faith-based

12 simple actions for individuals to conserve by Interfaith Power and Light is a list of small, daily changes in consumption behaviors that can help make a positive impact on the environment. (mnipl.org/simpleactions.html)

Eco Tips from GreenFaith is a list of “best of” tips from GreenFaith, an organization that helps religious institutions better engage environmental issues and become religious environmental leaders. (greenfaith.org/files/eco-tips-for-how-pdf)

I Am Whole Life is an organization that promotes the dignity of the human person from conception to natural death across a range of projects and advocacy efforts, including abortion, sex trafficking, homeless outreach, and clean water initiatives. (iamwholelife.com)

Plough Quarterly is a new magazine bringing together notable voices from many faith traditions for fresh insights on core faith-based themes such as peacemaking, children and family, community building, nature and the environment, and simple living. (plough.com)



ENERGY STAR is a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) voluntary program that helps businesses, individuals, institutions, and church congregations save money and protect our climate through energy efficiency strategies and products. (energystar.gov/)

Clean Energy Resource Teams aims to empower communities and their members to adopt energy conservation, energy efficiency, and renewable energy technologies and practices for their homes, Các doanh nghiệp, and local institutions. (cleanenergyresourceteams.org)

Do it Green MN educates Minnesotans about green and sustainable living and helps promote building healthy, cộng đồng địa phương. (doitgreen.org)

Minnesota Energy Challenge is an action guide for reducing energy waste in Minnesota. (mnenergychallenge.org/)