Labor and Economy

“In the economic and social realms, too, the dignity … of the human person and the welfare of society as a whole are to be respected and promoted. For man is the source, the centre, and the purpose of all economic and social life.”

– Pius XI, Quadragesimo Anno, “Fortieth Year”

The purpose of our economy is not found in the economy itself, but in its task for and role in humanity and society. Its task is the production, distribution and consumption of material goods and services. Its role is the promotion of human flourishing in solidarity with one another.

We all have the right to participate in economic life and the duty to contribute, each of us according to our own capacity, to the progress of our nation and state, and to the progress of the broader human family. We have a right to work.

Our nation and state has a responsibility to encourage all citizens and businesses to uphold the common good by creating economic policy that promotes the participation of the whole community, and labor that gives first priority to human beings—rather than production or capital.

We evaluate economic policy based on the extent to which it promotes the self-realization of the human person and properly values who he or she is, versus what he or she does.

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