Gender Theory

God created humankind as men and women. Our biological sex is not an accident. It is a gift from God, and shapes how we participate in His self-giving love. Gender, the socio-cultural role each of us plays as a product of our maleness or femaleness, is directly derived from our God-given biological sex. The separation of gender and sex amounts to violation of reality and God’s sovereignty.

But gender theory, or transgender ideology, that ignores the givenness of maleness and femaleness continues to spread in our society: in our media and our schools, our laws and our healthcare standard. The results are terrifying, and include psychological distress and self-harm for those indoctrinated into believing that their body and self are at odds with each other. On a societal scale, gender theory undermines a healthy sense of distinction between men and women, and obscures the reality of people’s true identity.

MCC opposes the advancement of false gender theory, especially in places where young people can be effected. This has included efforts against the MSHSL’s trasngender student athlete policy and the Minnesota Department of Education’s transgender toolkit. Instead of these harmful approaches, we advocate for practices that help people struggling with gender identity disorders find healing and integration.