State Healthcare Reform

As a matter of human dignity, everyone is entitled to health care. Like any basic element of life, health care is necessary for development, sustains us, and should be accessible and affordable for everyone.  Unfortunately, some people in Minnesota still are without adequate health care and are often marginalized from a system that should protect and heal them.

MCC has consistently supported principled health care reform derived from our core values: respect for the dignity of the every human person; concern for the poor and vulnerable; justice; the common good; and stewardship of finite resources. Based on these principles, we believe that health care policy and funding should strive to make health care:

  • available and accessible to everyone, especially to the poor and vulnerable (including undocumented persons);
  • prevention-oriented, with the goal of enhancing the health status of communities;
  • sufficiently and fairly financed;
  • transparent and consensus-driven, in allocation of resources, and organized for cost-effective care and administration;
  • patient-centered, and designed to address health needs at all stages of life, from conception to natural death;
  • safe, effective, and designed to deliver the greatest possible quality; and
  • protective of the conscience rights of patients, health care professionals, and institutions.

Guided by these principles, MCC’s related advocacy has included opposition to the repeal of MinnesotaCare, which would result in the loss of coverage for 90,000 Minnesota. We also strive to protect life at all stages in our state healthcare policy, and to respect the conscience rights of healthcare providers.