Physician-Assisted Suicide


Man rightly follows the intuition of his heart when he abhors and repudiates the absolute ruin and total disappearance of his own person. Man rebels against death because he bears in himself an eternal seed which cannot be reduced to mere matter. – Gaudium et spes, 18

Physician-assisted suicide, now euphemistically referred to by some as “death with dignity,” is when a doctor prescribes a lethal dose of medication for a patient to intentionally take his or her own life.

Today many people fear the dying process. They are afraid of being kept alive past life’s natural limits by burdensome medical technology. They fear experiencing intolerable pain and suffering, losing control over bodily functions, or lingering with dementia. They worry about being abandoned or becoming a burden on others.

Confronted with fear and the unknown, people who ask to end their life are vulnerable. They need our care and protection. To offer them lethal drugs to commit suicide is a victory not for freedom, but for the worst form of neglect.

There are better ways to address the needs of and care for people with serious illness than to legalize physician-assisted suicide in Minnesota.

Let’s advance care, not hasten death. Learn more about the MN Alliance for Ethical Healthcare, a diverse coalition striving to oppose assisted suicide and improve quality healthcare options in Minnesota.