Giám mục’ Statements

This section includes legislative statements, Bài viết, speeches and sermons from the bishops of Minnesota related to public policy areas of concern for the Catholic Church.


Archbishop Nienstedt—Do This in Memory of Me


Bishop Piché—The Importance of Marriage for Catholics


Archbishop Nienstedt—Letter to Governor Dayton and Legislative Leaders


Archbishop Nienstedt—Budgeting with the common good in mind


(USCCB) Đức Tổng giám mục Dolan — Subsidiarity và đoàn kết


Bishop Serba—Marriage amendment bill testimony


Bishop Kinney— “As I Have Done For You . . . So You Also Should Do.”


Statement of the Catholic Bishops of Minnesota on Immigration 2010


Bishops of Minnesota –Welcoming our Immigrant Sisters and Brothers, Tháng mười hai 12, 2008


Bishops of Minnesota Statement in Response to the Swift and Co. Cuộc tấn công, Tháng mười hai 21, 2006


Giám mục Bernard J. Harrington’s Statement on the Immigration Raids in the Diocese of Winona, Tháng mười hai 19, 2006