Qué es el matrimonio?"Un estudio Secular de

TEXTO COMPLETO ENCONTRADO AQUÍ HARVARD JOURNAL OF LAW & POLÍTICA PÚBLICA, Vol. 34 por Sherif Girgis, Doctorado. Candidato en Filosofía, Universidad de Princeton; Robert P. George, McCormick Profesor de Jurisprudencia, Universidad de Princeton; Ryan T. Anderson, Doctorado. Candidato en Ciencias Políticas, Universidad … Continuar leyendo →

Church Teaching on Marriage (USCCB library)

The USCCB’s Marriage: Unique for a Reason library provides a categorized, comprehensive reference list of official and supplemental teaching documents of the universal Catholic Church.

World Marriage Day Parish Resources

Domingo, Febrero 12, 2012 World Marriage Day Join parishes throughout Minnesota on February 12 to promote and defend marriage. World Marriage Day is an annual event, founded by Worldwide Marriage Encounter 28 hace años, held on the second Sunday ofContinuar leyendo →

Marriage Prayers

A Prayer for Marriage, Arquidiócesis de Saint Paul & Minneapolis Marriage: Unico por una razón, campaign prayer, CONFERENCIA EPISCOPAL (in English and Spanish) Prayer to the Holy Family, novena prayer, Catholics for the Common Good (in English and Spanish)