Bringing Christ to the caucus

Venturing into the political realm today can be an unappealing prospect.  Sometimes it seems that American politics appeals to our base fears and prejudices, while advancing only the special interests of a powerful few.  Often sound bites, faux controversies, and … Continue reading →

Surrogacy and the Throwaway Culture

Throughout his pontificate, Pope Francis has waged a war on the “throwaway culture,” in which anything can be commodified and given a dollar value, and where life itself can be, in his words, “considered a consumer good to be used … Continue reading →

Don’t make politics an idol

When we hear the word “idolatry,” we probably think first of a golden calf and pagan worship. But idolatry, giving the reverence and devotion owed to God to something created instead, is actually a much more commonplace sin. In fact, … Continue reading →

Politics in the Year of Mercy

The current Year of Mercy proclaimed by Pope Francis is an opportunity to reconsider how the creative force of mercy can be extended to the realm of public policy.  Though the aim of law is to establish justice, it can … Continue reading →