Activism in Christ

The first tumultuous weeks of Donald Trump’s presidency have seen marches, rallies and demonstrations across the country, held in opposition to, or in support of, at least some part of the president’s agenda. Millions have taken part, and the trend … Continue reading

Immigration debate needs constructive engagement

The debate over immigration policy is inevitably heating up as we prepare for Donald Trump’s inauguration as president. Undoubtedly, an early priority of his presidency will be to increase border security and re-examine President Obama’s immigration enforcement policies. Unfortunately, because … Continue reading

A Healing Balm for a Wounded Nation

Much can and has been said about the most recent election, and much more will be said for years to come. What is undoubtedly true is that the election cycle exacerbated two powerful dynamics in American public life: the constant … Continue reading

Make voting “down ballot” a top priority

Over the past several months, many faithful Catholics have expressed deep dissatisfaction with this year’s presidential election, and understandably so: neither major party candidate seems personally guided by a consistent ethic of life, and there are deep, concerning questions about … Continue reading