Make voting “down ballot” a top priority

Over the past several months, many faithful Catholics have expressed deep dissatisfaction with this year’s presidential election, and understandably so: neither major party candidate seems personally guided by a consistent ethic of life, and there are deep, concerning questions about … Continue reading →

Election Novena

Nine Days for Our State and Nation  Join us in this election novena. As we approach Election Day, we ask for God’s guidance. By prayerfully turning to our Father, we are reminded that our state and nation are dependent upon His … Continue reading →

Getting voting right

  The level of distaste for both major parties’ presidential candidates is at an historic high. In the midst of this discontent, the traces of two distorted approaches to voting have become clear. One approach is to avoid voting altogether … Continue reading →

Discerning Your Vote

A Resource for Faithful Voting in 2016 (Download a PDF version) The right to vote carries with it a responsibility to form one’s conscience and to study and know the issues and candidates. As faithful citizens, we ask how each … Continue reading →