ABRIL: Infusing Social Justice into Your Parish Community – Abril 30   MAY: Social Justice Meet-Up – Mayo 14   JULY: Promoción 101 – Julio 18

Immigration ToolkitEngage

Mobilizing Your Parish Community (Back to Immigration Toolkit) Step 2: Engage After raising general awareness and interest about immigration reform, it will be key to host an event(s) at your parish that feeds this newly created interest. Seek to findContinuar leyendo →

Talking Points

1. Helpful Parish Talking Points on Immigration Reform 2. Reframing the NEW Immigration Message 3. Advocacy Phone Call Talking Points on Immigration Reform 4. Necessary Elements for Just Comprehensive Immigration Reform Path to Citizenship Future Flow Worker Program Restoration ofContinuar leyendo →

Resources and Education Tools

Catholic Teaching Documents Catholic Teaching on Immigration Minnesota Bishops’ Declaración “Unlocking the Gate in our Hearts.USCCB Interfaith letter USCCB Testimony before Senate Judiciary Committee on Comprehensive Immigration Reform Justice for Immigrants (JFI) documentImmigration and the Economy“ CONFERENCIA EPISCOPAL “Strangers NoContinuar leyendo →

Immigration Toolkit – Educar a los

Mobilizing Your Parish Community (Back to Immigration Toolkit) Step 1: Educate Not everyone within your parish will be aware of and onboard with working on immigration reform. Some may be willing to help lead the effort, but the vast majority mightContinuar leyendo →