Người công giáo tại Đà Capitol để tiếp tục thông qua vận động mạng lưới

(Tháng ba 17, 2017 – Tinh thần công giáo – Matthew Davis)

Many of the people attending Catholics at the Capitol March 9 had never been to the State Capitol before, let alone met with a legislator in person.

Jason Adkins, Các giám đốc điều hành của Minnesota công giáo hội nghị, which organized Catholics at the Capitol, said his staff heard that often.

Adkins said the event “proved that if you make the invitation, they will come and deliver. Vì vậy, we’re excited to build off this success and explore new ways of channeling this momentum.”

Many came to deliver their concerns on issues Catholics are called to defend, with a focus on protecting life and human dignity.

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