Người công giáo kêu gọi để đóng góp cho đàm thoại chất lượng nước của nhà nước

(Tháng tám 22, 2017 – Tinh thần công giáo – Bridget Ryder)

Minnesota may be the Land of 10,000 Hồ nước, but half are too polluted for swimming and fishing.

Chính phủ Việt Nam. Mark Dayton wants that to change, and he’s calling on Minnesotans to help by attending water-focused, town hall-style meetings underway across the state. The Minnesota Catholic Conference hopes Catholics participate.

Các 10 meetings are “an opportunity to discuss the water quality issues facing their local communities and our state, to hear from experts and to engage with policymakers,” said Shawn Peterson, MCC associate director for public policy.

“I hope people will be able to learn about issues facing this precious resource, connect with others in their community around the issue and offer a compelling Catholic voice for improving the state’s water quality,"ông nói.

The meetings are part of Dayton’s 25 bởi 2025 Water Quality Goal, which seeks to improve the state’s overall water quality 25 percent in the next eight years. There are three town halls slated for the metro area: Tháng chín. 26 in Minneapolis, Oct. 4 in Burnsville and Oct. 5 in Stillwater.

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