Año de elecciones le pusimos? No se desesperen, Urge obispo de Minnesota

(Octubre 31, 2016 – Catholic News Agency/EWTN News)

When Bishop Andrew Cozzens was recently filling up his gas tank, a stranger approached him and said, "Padre, I hope you are praying for this country!”

“His sentiment captured what many of us feel about our country, especialmente con respecto a las próximas elecciones. Para los cristianos de la conciencia, muchos de nosotros encuentran a nuestro país en un estado de crisis,” Bishop Cozzens of Saint Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota said in an Oct. 27 column for Catholic Spirit.

“But fear and discouragement ultimately are not real options for us as Christians,"dijo, urging his community to trust in the ultimate power of God.

The Minnesota bishop shared his struggles with the upcoming Nov. 8 elecciones, saying that “I find myself in a moral quandary greater than I ever have before.”

But Bishop Cozzens is not alone in this sentiment – many other Catholic bishops have spoken out in this election, including Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia, who called both major party candidates “problematic.”

Bishop Cozzens laid out his top priorities for a presidential candidate, saying that he wanted to vote for a leader who respected life in all stages, who would protect religious freedom, who would respect immigrants, y, finalmente,, who could be considered trustworthy.

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