Ideología de género: colonización, no cultivando — mente de estudiante

| Jason Adkins | Agosto 22, 2017

Nuestras escuelas deben ser lugares donde los niños son entrenados para perseguir el verdadero, lo bueno y lo bello, o, por lo menos, equipado comprometerse sinceramente y racionalmente con la realidad objetiva. Una escuela debe ser un lugar de educación, instrucción no ideológica.

But a “transgender toolkit,” approved on July 24 by the state’s School Safety Technical Assistance Council (SSTAC), is a clear instance of that vital mission being flipped on its head. The recommendations of the toolkit, advertised as a means of combating bullying, instead distort reality and impede real education.

The falsehoods of gender ideology — essentially, the view that gender is unrelated to biological sex and can be chosen at will — are not fit to be disseminated anywhere, least of all in our schools. The council’s decision to distribute this toolkit to public schools throughout Minnesota reveals that state bureaucrats are more concerned about colonizing students’ minds than forming them to seek the truth.

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