Bộ công cụ nhập cư – Educate

Huy động cộng đồng giáo xứ của bạn (Quay lại Immigration Toolkit)

Bước 1: Educate

Not everyone within your parish will be aware of and onboard with working on immigration reform. Some may be willing to help lead the effort, but the vast majority might simply be on the fence, seeking further education on the issue and needing encouragement to take an action which speaks to our core faith values. Do đó, it is essential to find ways to build awareness and educate people about the issue.

To support these parishioners in increasing their commitment, you need to provide:

  • Awarenessproviding opportunities to spark interest in the issue
  • Giáo dụcin order to commit to taking action in support of just immigration reform, individuals will most likely need to increase their knowledge and understanding of the issue

1. What could create initial awareness about immigration reform, and what would that look like in your parish?

  • Using simple bản tin thông báo over a period of weeks can be a very simple way to spark interest and attention around just immigration reform.
  • Signs/posters around your parish and/or one-page flier inserts in a parish bulletin can be another simple and effective way to build awareness.

2. What would creating Giáo dục opportunities look like within your parish?



1. Điểm nói chuyện
2. Resources and Education Tools
3. Thông báo bản tin
4. Parish Posters or Bulletin Inserts
5. Speaker’s List