Bộ công cụ nhập cư – Engage

Huy động cộng đồng giáo xứ của bạn (Quay lại Immigration Toolkit)

Bước 2: Engage

After raising general awareness and interest about immigration reform, it will be key to host an event(s) at your parish that feeds this newly created interest. Seek to find ways to make the issue of immigration personal, to reach out to a broad cross-section of your community, to build bridges and connect with our common faith values. We seek to engage many people by making this a heart issue. Cuối cùng, you know your parish community best, and you will know how to best connect with them. Commit to hosting an event at your parish that engages the community in immigration reform.

To engage parishioners in immigration reform and increase overall parish engagement with the issue, you need to:

  • Coordinate with your parish communitymeet with parish leaders to share your passion for the issue and creatively integrate immigration reform into existing programming (Xem parish mapping worksheet)
  • Provide opportunities for engagementcreate opportunities for parishioners to move from a basic knowledge and understanding of the issue to a heart-driven passion for just immigration reform

1. Điều gì engaging events on immigration reform look like in your parish?

  • Host an immigration reform presentation at your parish (see resources for speakers, presentations, or panelists on thespeaker’s list“)
  • Host a community conversation on just immigration reform (attend the OSJ Social Justice Meet-Up on May 14th as an example of what could be modeled in your parish)
  • Screen a movie and discussion on immigration at your parish (Xem tài nguyên)

**EVENT: AttendInfusing Social Justice into Your Parish Communityon April 30th for discussion, guided practice, and skill building on engaging your full parish community in immigration reform.**



1. Speaker’s List
2. Parish Mapping Worksheet
3. Sự kiện
4. Tài nguyên