Declaración de los medios de comunicación de la MCC: Con respecto a la enmienda de matrimonio en todo el estado por correo de los obispos de Minnesota

Cada hogar católico en Minnesota fue o será enviado por correo una carta de su respectivo obispo alentándolos a votar "Sí" para la enmienda de matrimonio, y explicar brevemente por qué es necesaria la enmienda. En la mayoría de los casos, the letter also invites the recipient to make a contribution to Minnesota for Marriage, the campaign created by a diverse coalition of leaders and groups to pass the marriage amendment. The proceeds from the contributions will be used for mass outreach in the final weeks of the campaign.

Due to the many requests from “Catholics in the pew,"Minnesota Católica Conferencia (MCC) wanted to provide Catholics with the opportunity to financially support the passage of the amendment and to send a contribution to where it will be most effective. With the exception of the dioceses of St. Cloud and Crookston, which had second-plate collections last spring, Minnesota Catholics had not been directly asked by the Church for funds to support pro-marriage amendment outreach.

No collection plate revenue, annual appeal proceeds, or parish assessments in any diocese have been used for pro-marriage amendment activities. The mailing was coordinated and paid for by MCC.

The following are the electronic samples of the diocesan letters:

Diócesis de Crookston

Diócesis de Duluth

Diócesis de Ulm nuevo

Diócesis de Saint Cloud

Diócesis de Winona

Arquidiócesis de San. Paul & Minneapolis