MCC News Release: Minnesota’s Catholic and Lutheran Bishops Urge State Lawmakers to Protect Poor in Budget Negotiations

St. Paul, Minn (Tháng tư 11, 2013)—Minnesota’s Roman Catholic and Evangelical Lutheran Church of America bishops issued an open letter this week to members of the Minnesota House and Senate, và Thống đốc. Dayton, urging them to ensure there is a “vòng tròn bảo vệ” around programs serving the poor in State budget negotiations.

The letter expresses the bishopsconcerns about the problems of poverty and hunger in Minnesota, and requests that both parties work together toward a budget that alleviates poverty and that works to build a hopeful future for all Minnesotans. It was accompanied by a copy of the national “Vòng tròn bảo vệ” tuyên bố, a letter on faith and the federal budget that was signed by faith leaders from around the country and sent to federal lawmakers this past February.

“Do lãnh đạo của nhà nước lớn nhất hai Đức tin cộng đồng, bao gồm hầu hết 2 triệu lay trung thành, Catholic and ELCA Lutheran bishops have a responsibility to speak out on behalf of the common good of all Minnesotans,” Ông Jason Adkins, Các giám đốc điều hành của Minnesota công giáo hội nghị. “Với bức thư này, they hope to remind legislators and the public that budget decisions are moral decisions. Ensuring the basic dignity of the poorest and most vulnerable Minnesotans should be the top priority when spending decisions are made.

The letter was not meant to endorse any particular budget plan, but rather propose an ethical and moral framework based on shared values in the hope of moving the discussion in the right direction. The Minnesota bishops said the principles outlined in the national “Vòng tròn bảo vệ” letter are applicable to Minnesota, and emphasized four key points for the state’s lawmakers:

  • Chúng tôi cảm ơn bạn đã giảm thâm hụt trong khi duy trì chính phủ của chúng tôi chịu trách nhiệm cho các chương trình phục vụ cho những người đang gặp đói nghèo và dễ bị tổn thương.
  • Chúng tôi hiểu sức khỏe tài chính của Minnesota đòi hỏi phải thêm chi phí bổ sung doanh thu và tiết kiệm được nâng lên khá.
  • Đó là thời gian để khung cuộc tranh luận ngân sách trong điều khoản của sự lựa chọn đạo Đức.
  • Chúng tôi plead cho cuộc đối thoại bi-partisan tôn trọng và chu đáo tham gia liên quan đến quan trọng của chúng tôi, vấn đề phức tạp.

Minnesota công giáo hội nghị (MCC), nói về chính sách công cộng của giáo hội công giáo tại tiểu bang Minnesota, is particularly concerned that spending cuts in some areas of the budget will disproportionately affect children and families. “This statement is especially important at a time when legislative leaders are proposing cuts to the human services budget. To cut human services significantly while increasing funding in other areas is an unfortunate error of judgment,” Adkins nói. “Our hope is that important anti-poverty programs remain fully funded, and that new, critical initiatives like the ‘No Wrong Door’ pháp luật, which provides a safety net for child sex trafficking victims, receive proper funding as well.

Providing the government with the fiscal resources it needs to perform its responsibilities is a matter of social justice,” Adkins nói. “Program delivery reform, eliminating wasteful spending, and policies that increase revenue should all be on the table in budget discussions. Doing so will ensure that we are able build a ‘circle of protectionaround government programs that are vital to protecting the dignity of those in difficult circumstances.

To view a copy of the open letter, follow the link:

The federal “Vòng tròn bảo vệ” letter can be found here:

For more information about MCC’s budget-related advocacy, visit the “Correspondence & Testimony” page under “Legislation” at For inquiries regarding the ELCA Lutheran signatories contact Rev. Mark Peters at the Lutheran Coalition for Public Policy in Minnesota (651.224.5499).


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