Minnesota giáo hội tụ trên St. Paul cho ngày học tập, vận động hành lang

(Tháng ba 10, 2017 – Khách truy cập – Joe Tawalski)

More than 1,000 Minnesota Catholics — including 73 from the Diocese of St. Cloud — came to St. Paul March 9 to deliver a heartfelt message to their elected representatives: “Catholic voices count!”

Attendees at the first-ever Catholics at the Capitol event held signs with the phrase and chanted the words in the State Capitol rotunda at the end of a day of activities that included listening to issue briefings, meeting with state legislators and recording a group video message urging Gov. Mark Dayton to support school choice legislation — one of the day’s focus issues.

Bishops from all six Minnesota dioceses attended the event organized by the Minnesota Catholic Conference, the public policy voice of the Catholic Church in the state.

The bishops and Jason Adkins, MCC Giám đốc điều hành, provided morning briefings on three MCC priorities this year at the Legislature: supporting tax credit proposals to expand educational choice, opposing efforts to legalize physician-assisted suicide, and assisting low-income families with adjustments in the Minnesota Family Investment Program.

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