News Release (JRLC): State’s Surplus Perfect Opportunity to Fund Child Care, Early Education

St. Paul, MN (December 4, 2014): A broad coalition of Minnesota religious groups says that funding for child care and early education should be a high priority and receive increased funding in the 2015 legislative session.

“Today’s announcement of a billion dollar surplus shows that the state’s financial position has finally been righted and that now we can make the strategic investments we’ve postponed for decades,” said Brian Rusche, executive director of the Joint Religious Legislative Coalition. “Helping families care for their children and making it possible for them to afford quality child care should be one of the legislature’s highest priorities.”

“It’s critical to help the over 7,000 Minnesota families who are eligible for child care assistance, but are currently on waiting lists because state funding is inadequate. Kids really can’t wait if we want them to have consistent, safe, quality care now,” Rusche continued. “Kids, parents, and communities all benefit if we fund child care. It helps the parents stay in the workforce, and helps families meet their other basic needs like housing and food.”