Comunicado de prensa (CONFERENCIA EPISCOPAL): Comentarios de Presidente de Conferencia Episcopal en argumentos orales del Tribunal Supremo sobre el matrimonio

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Abril 28, 2015)— Los Estados Unidos. La Corte Suprema escuchó argumentos orales en abril 28, sobre la constitucionalidad de los Estados que definen y reconocen el matrimonio como la unión de un hombre y una mujer.

Commenting on the oral arguments before the Court, Arzobispo Joseph E. Kurtz, de Louisville, Kentucky, Presidente de los Estados Unidos. Conferencia de obispos católicos (CONFERENCIA EPISCOPAL), dijo, “Today is a moment of great consequence. Marriage is a perennial institution, with deep roots in who we are and in our nation’s culture and laws. Marriage is and always will be the union between one man and one woman. This truth is inseparable from the duty to honor the God-given dignity of every human person. We pray that the justices will uphold the responsibility of states to protect the beautiful truth of marriage, which concerns the essential well-being of the nation, especially children. Children have a basic right, wherever possible, to know and be loved by their mother and father together. The Church will always defend this right and looks to people of good will to continue this debate with charity and civility.”

The Supreme Court is expected to issue a ruling by the end of June.

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