Người công giáo tại tòa: Kevin Matzek on the Important Role of Legislative Staff

We get a great perspective from a Catholic who has worked for years inside the Capitol. Kevin Matzek now works in government relations but was most recently the Executive Director of the Senate Republican Caucus. We delve into what it takes to keep our government running.

Trong phân đoạn Mailbag của chúng tôi, we answer questions about “Minnesota, Nhà chung của chúng tôi” the newly released teaching resource from the MN Catholic Conference which helps put Pope Francisencyclical into a local context. We also discuss the newly published ecological examen and the purpose of an examen. You can order copies of “Minnesota, Nhà chung của chúng tôi: Phiên bản hướng dẫn học tập” và các “Sinh thái examen” by going to

Trong phân khúc thợ xây của chúng tôi, we let listeners know how they can get involved with the Catholic Advocacy Network to stay informed on all that is happening during the legislative session and take action. To sign up visit