2019 Election Resources

Election Day in Minnesota is Tuesday, November 5th

Form Your Conscience, Inform Your Vote, Transform Our State

This is your home for 2019 election resources! As Catholics, we are called to form our consciences, inform our votes instead of simply conforming to political ideologies or partisan politics, and together we can begin to transform our state. Use the resources below to prepare your heart and mind for Election Day.

Form Your Conscience


Visit our Novena page to find great videos, prayers, reflections, and discernment questions.

Forming Conscience for Faithful Citizenship

Review “Forming Conscience for Faithful Citizenship” is the official Election Year teaching of the U.S. Catholic bishops. This resource provides guidance for Catholics in the exercise of their rights and duties as participants in our democracy, lifting up our dual heritage as both faithful Catholics and American citizens. The Faithful Citizenship webpage includes additional resources, such as bulletin inserts and informational videos.

Living the Gospel of Life: A Challenge to American Catholics

Read through “Living the Gospel of Life: A Challenge to American Catholics“. Originally released in 1998 by the USCCB, “Living the Gospel of Life” is still a viable election resource for American Catholics looking to form their consciences in preparation for elections in 2018. It contextualizes our present-day policy debates within deeper shifts and trends in society’s consideration of human life and dignity.

Inform Your Vote

Which Candidates and Issues are on my Ballot?

Find my Polling Location

Letter to Employers about Right to Vote

Same-Day Registration Information

Parish Guidelines for Political Activity

As Catholics, we must never be afraid of bringing our faith into the public square. However, because the Church is not a political entity, we must make sure that our individual advocacy efforts are kept distinct from the Church’s teaching voice. This election resource, updated in July 2018, provides guidelines for parish and diocesan political activity, clearly laying out which activities are prohibited and which are permissible.

Further Minnesota Election Resources

The Secretary of State’s website provides a number of helpful election resources to get you ready for Election Day, including online voter registration, locating your polling place, and learning more about absentee voting.

Star Tribune article highlights the importance of “off-year” voting.

Transform Our State

Catholic Advocacy Network

Join the Catholic Advocacy Network to easily take action and stay informed on issues, policies, and legislation throughout the year. This is an easy way to let your legislators know about issues that are important to you.