States wrestle with legalizing payments for gestational surrogates

(Tháng ba 10, 2017 – Minnesota Public Radio NewsEmily Sohn)

Ở Minnesota, which must decide whether to go ahead with the legislation this week or let the bill die without a hearing, opposition has come from a California-based organization called the Center for Bioethics and Culture network, which has been a vocal opponent to the practice of surrogacy nationwide.

The Minnesota Catholic Conference takes an ethical stance against the procedure and the potential for disadvantaged women to be exploited, Jason Adkins nói, executive director of the organization.

Surrogacy separates pregnancy from parenthood,” Adkins says. “It undermines the right of every child to be conceived, mang trong bụng mẹ, brought into the world and brought up within the context of a loving marriage between his or her parents.

Women are not for rent,” he adds. “And children are not for sale.

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