Chuyển đổi giới? Tư tưởng chuyển giới và giáo hội

Tinh thần công giáo | Jonathan Liedl | Tháng chín 26, 2017

Trước tháng mười. 14, 2015, Emily Zinos thừa nhận cô ấy đã không cho nhiều suy nghĩ để Karim.

Vào thời điểm đó, mẹ của bảy và parishioner của gia đình Thánh tại St. Louis Park considered the ideology, which advances the claim that gender and sexual identity are not inherently tied to biological sex, to be a “fringe issue.” In her estimation, it was something that played out in celebrity tabloids and progressive academic circles, but certainly had no direct impact on her or her family.

An email from the principal of Nova Classical Academy, a public charter school in St. Paul where Zinos and her husband, Nick, enrolled several of their children at the time, announced that was about to change.

Under pressure from the parents of a newly enrolled kindergarten student who claimed to be “gender nonconforming,” the grade school principal announced that Nova would be “taking steps to support [the new student]” by introducing transgender ideology into the classroom. Through books like “My Princess Boy,” children as young as 5 would be introduced to the idea that their sexual identity was independent of their biological sex.

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