The Kids May Not Be All Right

(by Dave) Moviemakers may like us to believe that “The Kids Are All Right,” but global evidence to the contrary is mounting. Mitch Pearlstein, a former officer in the department of Education and now the president of the Center forContinuar leyendo →

Promises of Marriage and the Self

(por Stephen) If marriage is nothing more than love + compromiso, it is inexplicable how our laws about marriage—and most importantly, our public ceremonies of marriage—ever came to pass. The expectation that marriage is sexually exclusive and faithful, not toContinuar leyendo →

Reaping the “Benefits”

(por Peggy) On October 13th I attended a debate about same-sex marriage between Maggie Gallagher and Dale Carpenter. Para mí, the debate simply perpetuated my lack of understanding about what exactly people in same-sex relationships want from legalizing same-sex marriages. … Continuar leyendo →

Cómo malinterpreté el matrimonio

(por Stephen) Próximo Noviembre, Los minnesotas votarán una enmienda al documento legal más fundamental de nuestro estado, la constitución del estado. La enmienda establecería que un matrimonio puede consistir sólo en un hombre y una mujer. Ciertamente, matrimonio en Occidente … Continuar leyendo →