Sixty-Three Passionless Years

(by Kyle) Why do people get married? Usually because they’re in love, Correcto? Even today, with high rates of divorce and cohabitation, men and women in love have some internal pull that draws them to the altar. In lovedness isContinuar leyendo →

Los niños pueden no estar bien

(por Dave) A los cineastas les puede gustar que creamos que "Los niños están bien," pero la evidencia global en sentido contrario está aumentando. Mitch Pearlstein, un ex funcionario en el departamento de Educación y ahora el presidente del Centro de … Continuar leyendo →

Promises of Marriage and the Self

(por Stephen) If marriage is nothing more than love + compromiso, it is inexplicable how our laws about marriage—and most importantly, our public ceremonies of marriage—ever came to pass. The expectation that marriage is sexually exclusive and faithful, not toContinuar leyendo →

Reaping the “Benefits”

(por Peggy) On October 13th I attended a debate about same-sex marriage between Maggie Gallagher and Dale Carpenter. Para mí, the debate simply perpetuated my lack of understanding about what exactly people in same-sex relationships want from legalizing same-sex marriages. … Continuar leyendo →

The Meaning of “Matrimonio”

(by Jacob) According to the Why Marriage Matters educational campaign’s website, “Marriage says ‘We are family’ in a way that no other word does.” This statement is probably true. The campaign also claims, sin embargo, that “Allowing committed gay and lesbianContinuar leyendo →

Tenemos dos a uno

(por Emily) Es a menudo el caso que no notamos algo hasta que está ausente en nuestras vidas. A veces lo que falta es me, mamá. Unos días después de cada uno de nuestros niños nacieron; la inevitable y dolorosa era de postparto … Continuar leyendo →