I Am More Than My Sexuality

(por Peggy) If you haven’t already heard, actress Cynthia Nixon recently caused a big stir within the GLBT community. A few weeks ago she publicly said that being gay was a choice for her. Yikes — not exactly what herContinuar leyendo →

Design With a Purpose

(por Jessica) En un 2007 Angelus address on the relationship between faith and reason, Pope Benedict XVI said, “When man limits his thoughts to only material objects … he closes himself to the great questions about life, himself, y Dios … Continuar leyendo →

Promises of Marriage and the Self

(por Stephen) If marriage is nothing more than love + compromiso, it is inexplicable how our laws about marriage—and most importantly, our public ceremonies of marriage—ever came to pass. The expectation that marriage is sexually exclusive and faithful, not toContinuar leyendo →

Se trata de santidad

(por Peggy) El último acción de gracias marcó un hito importante en mi vida. He tenido mi relación de personas del mismo sexo para 11 años, que es más largo que había estado en él. Si tuviera que decirte que el último … Continuar leyendo →