Soy más que mi sexualidad

(por Peggy) Si aún no has oído, la actriz Cynthia Nixon recientemente causó un gran revuelo dentro de la comunidad GLBT. Hace unas semanas dijo públicamente que ser gay era una opción para su. Yikes — no exactamente lo que su … Continuar leyendo →

Sixty-Three Passionless Years

(by Kyle) Why do people get married? Usually because they’re in love, Correcto? Even today, with high rates of divorce and cohabitation, men and women in love have some internal pull that draws them to the altar. In lovedness isContinuar leyendo →

Deeper Than Desire

(por Stephen) We have been looking at the confusion inherent in the notion that marriage = love + compromiso. Let’s examine it further by exploring the following: what human flourishing looks like, how sex is a part of human flourishing. … Continuar leyendo →

Promises of Marriage and the Self

(por Stephen) If marriage is nothing more than love + compromiso, it is inexplicable how our laws about marriage—and most importantly, our public ceremonies of marriage—ever came to pass. The expectation that marriage is sexually exclusive and faithful, not toContinuar leyendo →