Ways to Get Involved

Senior adults with their adult children.

Uphold and defend human dignity and the common good for all.  Below are five ways you can get involved. Use the educational resource and advocacy tool links to help you live your call to faithful citizenship, and to encourage others to do the same.


View printable copy of FAITHFUL CITIZENS ADVOCACY GUIDE, from our legislative advocacy partner the Joint Religious Legislative Coalition (JRLC).

Learn about the issues.

  • Visit our Advocacy Areas section to learn the basics on policy issues of interest for Catholics—which range from building a just, fair economy for all to preserving the importance of marriage in civil society.

 Know when to take action.

  • Attend an advocacy or issue-related event. Visit our Events section to find current opportunities. And learn the importance of and how to participate in a Minnesota Caucus, CLICK HERE.
  • Sign up for a mailing list or RSS feed to stay informed on Minnesota Legislature activities.
  • Tune-in to legislative hearings and other proceedings while the legislature is in session.


Contribute to the public dialogue about policy and promote Catholic values in our legislation.

Spread the word.

Tell others about our Catholic advocacy tools and educational resources.


This is the most basic, and perhaps the most important, action you can do as a citizen.Family That Votes Together

Not registered to vote? Learn here how to register to vote in Minnesota.

To find your polling place and get your voting questions answered:

Use the Secretary of State’s online polling place finder; contact your County Auditor’s Office; or, call the Minnesota Secretary of State at: (651) 296-2803 or Toll Free: 1-877-600-VOTE (8683).