Candidate Town Hall

What are Minnesota’s Candidates’ positions on issues important to Catholics?

Get to know the candidates ~ Hear their positions

Ask your questions

Ahead of the November 3rd elections, create the opportunity for Catholics in your legislative district to form their consciences and faithfully inform their vote. Host a candidate town hall!

Across Minnesota, each seat in the State House and State Senate are up for election. As Catholics, we must learn candidates’ positions on policies and laws so that we can uphold life and human dignity at the voting booth. We must also bring the light of Christ into the public sphere by letting candidates know that supporting life and dignity is a top priority of the Catholic community.

Here you will find everything you need to plan and promote a candidate town hall at your parish.

Planning A Candidate Town Hall: The How-To Guide For Parishes

Download each of these documents to begin planning your candidate town hall.

  • Frequently Asked QuestionsThis document will help answer some of the basic questions. Contact with any further questions.
  • Communications Template: This document provides you templates for reaching out to your candidates for State House and State Senate. The contact information for each of your candidates was sent in a mailing to your parish. Contact if you need their contact information.
  • Preparation and StructureThis document is going to walk you through hosting your town hall
  • Moderator Script – This document contains a line-by-line script for your town hall moderator including questions to ask of the candidates. This was sent in a mailing to your parish. If you need another copy, please contact before your town hall event.
  • Thank you letter template
  • Post Town Hall Survey – We ask that the organizer ofyour parish town hall please request from us the link for a post event survey. Email for receive the survey link.

Promoting Your Townhall


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