Diagrama de flujo: Quién califica para la acción Ejecutiva de la administración en materia de inmigración?

The framework and deadlines imposed within the framework of who is and who is not eligible for the temporary deportation reprieve is meant to serve a purpose, incluyendo: to discourage new immigrants without proper documents from coming in the future, and dissuade women already here from giving birth with the goal of securing deferrals.

Some of the central goals of the Administration’s executive action were:

1. Help crack down on illegal immigration at the border.

2. Focus on a framework that deports felons, no familias.

3. Create more accountabilityencouraging criminal background checks and taxes.

This is one way to make sense of who could benefit, and who will not, compliments of the Poste de Washington:



HAGA CLIC AQUÍ to read an article from PewResearchCenter’sFactTankthat analyzes the Administration’s executive action by who no es eligible for the temporary deferred actionimmigration reprieve.