Tài nguyên giáo xứ Ngày Hôn nhân Thế giới

Chủ Nhật, Tháng hai 12, 2012

Ngày hôn nhân thế giới

Join parishes throughout Minnesota on February 12 để thúc đẩy và bảo vệ hôn nhân.

Ngày Hôn nhân Thế giới là một sự kiện thường niên, founded by Worldwide Marriage Encounter 28 năm trước, held on the second Sunday of February. The day is meant to honor, affirm and promote the vocation of husbands and wives and the positive impact of their dedicated example on our society, gia đình, cộng đồng, Church and nation.

Following are some educational resources and reading materials to offer parishioners the weekend of February 12. We encourage your parish to take Minnesota for Marriage’s Marriage Pledge during this weekend. For materials and directions on the pledge, talk to your parish priest or email marriage@mncc.org. [insert link]

Reading Table and Resource Materials

~ Brief Catechesis on Marriage flier from the Catholic Bishops of Minnesota

~ MCC’s Marriage Matters talking points half sheet (to be printed 2-up, front/back on page)

~ The USCCB’s Ecumenical Open Letter from Religious Leaders on Hôn nhân và tự do tôn giáo: Fundamental Goods that Stand or Fall Together

~ Minnesota for Marriage’s Why Preserving Marriage Matters flier

~ Archbishop John Nienstedt’s marriage and life presentation Marriage and the Current Debate

~ The USCCB’s Marriage: Unique for a Reason catechetical video resource with viewer’s guide: Dành cho mỗi khác

Bulletin Inserts

Contact marriage@mncc.org [insert link] for the pledge sheets that would accompany the following bulletin inserts.

~ Front/back one-pager flier Marriage Pledge and Marriage Matters Talking Points insert (Phiên bản tiếng Tây Ban Nha)

~ Marriage Pledge bulletin ad insert (Phiên bản tiếng Tây Ban Nha)

~ Prayer for Marriage from the Archdiocese

~ USCCB’s Between Man and Woman: Questions and Answers about Marriage and Same-Sex Unions bulletin insert