Urge Your Legislators to Oppose the ERA

Urge Your Legislators to Oppose the ERA—the Erosion of Rights Amendment 

This year, the state legislators have proposed language for a state constitutional amendment called the “Equal Rights Amendment” that fails to protect Minnesotans from discrimination based on religion, could constitutionally mandate legal abortion up to the moment of birth, and promotes harmful gender ideology.

"All persons shall be guaranteed equal rights under the laws of this state. The state shall not discriminate against any person in intent or effect on account of one or more of the following: race; color; national origin; ancestry; disability; or sex, including but not limited to: making and effectuating decisions about all matters relating to one's own pregnancy or decision whether to become or remain pregnant; gender identity or gender expression; or sexual orientation."

- Proposed ERA Language

The language excludes “religion” or “creed.” The exclusion of religion means that Minnesotans may not be protected from religious discrimination.

What does all this mean for the average person of faith in Minnesota?

If this amendment is placed in our Constitution, it could have far-reaching consequences, including the loss of tax-exempt status for religious organizations. Protecting Minnesotans from religious discrimination is an important state interest, and this proposed language leaves people more susceptible to anti-religious bias by state actors.

The language also includes “gender identity or expression” and language that would protect the right to an abortion.

Here are the potential outcomes if the ERA is passed by the legislature and approved by voters at the ballot box:

  • The loss of parental rights to care for a child when the child asserts a new gender identity
  • An inability for Catholic schools to teach what they believe such as that we were created male and female
  • Faith-based organizations and schools may be forced to hire transgender individuals or those who are not living according to Church teaching
  • Expansive abortion access with little room for sensible safeguards such as waiting periods, parental notification, or necessary ultrasounds
  • The forced compliance of medical professionals to perform abortions and gender surgery
  • The decline of women’s sports
  • Mandated pronoun usage that attacks freedom of speech
  • Potentially increased legal action against faith communities and schools that reject gender ideology and abortion, including the loss of state funding
  • The shutdown of faith-based shelters for women

The ERA is a trojan horse to weaken women’s rights and eliminate the conscience rights and liberty of all faithful Minnesotans.  With the ERA, the state is seeking to assert sovereignty over the family and the Church.  It is an intrusion of the state into the Church and the home.

Think this is alarmist?  Watch this video below as interfaith advocates working to protect religious freedom in state law are scolded by legislators.

Urge your legislator to not vote for any ERA without specifically protecting religious people against discrimination.

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