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“Sometimes we hear: a good Catholic is not interested in politics. This is not true: good Catholics immerse themselves in politics by offering the best of themselves so that the leader can govern."
- Pope Francis

Precinct Caucus Night in Minnesota is Tuesday, February 27

Find Your 2024 Caucus Location Here (www.caucusfinder.sos.mn.gov/)

2024 Election Timeline

  • FEBRUARY 27: GOP and DFL precinct caucuses held to consider resolutions, elect precinct chairs, and elect delegates to represent precincts at party conventions. 
  • MARCH 5: A presidential primary election will be held in Minnesota and 15 other states as part of Super Tuesday.
  • AUGUST 13: Minnesota’s August primary election will be held on this day.
  • NOVEMBER 5: Election Day 2024. The president and numerous legislators will be decided in this general election.

Many Catholics feel a sense of "political homelessness," as no party seems to advance the consistent ethic of life. But Minnesotans like you have an opportunity to be a part of the solution by participating in precinct caucuses. These caucuses are an important step in the political process, in which parties nominate candidates and form party platforms. You can bring policies that support the common good and human dignity to the forefront of your party's platform by attending your local precinct caucus and submitting resolutions. These resolutions will be voted on by you and your peers, and advance if approved. Watch the quick video above on how to caucus, then explore the resolution forms below. 

A united Catholic voice at the caucus level can play a large role in urging political parties to adopt positions that foster human flourishing from conception to natural death.

Download and print to create your resolutions:

DFL Blank Resolution Form

GOP Blank Resolution Form

Download and print the Minnesota Catholic Conference's suggested resolutions: (You should attach these to the blank resolution forms above when submitting them at your precinct caucus.)

Physician-Assisted Suicide

Gender and Abortion Constitutional Amendment

Education Savings Accounts

Putting Families First

Additional Resources

The Secretary of State's website provides helpful election resources to get you ready for election day. Visit the links below to find your polling location, view your sample ballot, learn about same-day registration, and much more!

Parish Guidelines for Political Activity

As Catholics, we must never be afraid of bringing our faith into the public square. However, because the Church is not a political entity, we must make sure that our individual advocacy efforts are kept distinct from the Church’s teaching voice. This election resource, updated in June 2022, provides guidelines for parish and church organization political activity, clearly laying out which activities are prohibited and which are permissible.

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