Completing Your Catholic Health Care Directive

Making sound moral decisions in the face of serious illness is difficult, especially if you are in the midst of suffering. It may be even more difficult for your family and friends who want to act in your best interests and cannot clearly see what that may be. Learn what Catholic teaching says about moral obligations related to end-of-life decisions. Take the time to fill out an advance health care directive for yourself and your loved ones.

The Minnesota Catholic Conference has prepared the document, “Health Care Directives: A Catholic Perspective.”

This document is a guide that answers basic questions about law, Church teaching, and completing a health care directive. Within the booklet, you will find a Minnesota Catholic Health Care Directive that meets our state’s legal requirements and reflects our Catholic teaching. Additionally, MCC has prepared a guide to end-of-life care decisions. This is a brief ethical primer on medical decisions regarding life-sustaining treatments in the Catholic Tradition. It is a supplement to “Health Care Directives: A Catholic Perspective.”

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