Every child has the right to be conceived, born, and raised within the context of a loving relationship between their mother and father. Surrogacy violates this basic right, treating unborn children like commodities that can be bought and sold–and even discarded–based on the economic incentives of those seeking the “product.”

Furthermore, the commercial surrogacy industry preys upon vulnerable women, favoring the desires and preferences of the more affluent intended parents over her needs and rights as a pregnant mother. With the buyer/seller imbalance, she becomes vulnerable to inadequate “informed” consent, coercive situations, inadequate healthcare coverage, or short- and long-term emotional trauma.

While MCC opposes all forms of surrogacy, we are actively working to restrict all commercial surrogacy in Minnesota. We work as part of the Minnesotans for Surrogacy Awareness Coalition to bring attention to the ill effects of surrogacy.

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