Thank Senator John Marty for his Leadership

Thank Senator John Marty for his leadership in opposing legalized online sports gambling.  Senator Marty has been a tireless advocate for reducing gambling addiction in our state. 

Commercialized sports gambling is addictive and often leads to problem gambling. Our own state Department of Health pointed out in a 2017 report that "broken relationships, unemployment, loss of housing, co-occurring mental illness, or substance use disorders, crime and suicide are some of the harmful effects of problem gambling experienced by individuals, families, and communities." The bill being considered would undoubtedly increase the economic and social burdens that problem gambling presents for our state.  

The American Psychiatric Association recognizes problem gambling as a mental health disorder, plus research shows that one in five compulsive gamblers attempt suicide. Some elected officials think it is a good idea to put a casino in every living room, dorm room, and workplace. But given the public health implications, we know this is a bad policy. 

In addition to public health, the Legislature also has a responsibility to consider the impact that gambling expansion will have on youth development. Legislators can’t legalize sports gambling without also opening the door to a blizzard of gambling advertising that will undoubtedly reach the eyes and ears of children. The tobacco industry has targeted kids despite smoking only being legal for 18+. Why would another industry that profits off addiction be different?  

The Legislature has a responsibility to protect Minnesota’s youth from this harmful advertising. 

Please thank Senator Marty for opposing gambling expansion and for working to ensure proper safeguards should legislators ultimately legalize online sports gambling.  

Watch and Read MCC's Testimony in Opposition to Legalized Sports Betting in Minnesota.

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