Inside the Capitol

  • Opportunities for a positive vision of the good

    Posted by · December 02, 2022 12:39 PM

    The 2023 legislative session will be filled with challenges and opportunities. Governor Walz and DFL legislative majority leaders promised to use their historic “trifecta” to, at the outset, make our state’s abortion regime even more permissive and legalize recreational marijuana. These policy challenges present a tremendous opportunity for Minnesota Catholics to, as Pope Francis has said, “meddle in politics” by proposing a positive vision: the ability to choose what we ought, not the license to choose what we want.

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  • What do we do after the election?

    Posted by · November 09, 2022 3:16 PM

    Now that the election is over, many of you are asking, “Now what?”

    The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops makes it clear that “responsible citizenship is a virtue and participation in political life is a moral obligation.” (USCCB, Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship,13)

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  • Whom should I vote for?

    Posted by · October 07, 2022 3:14 PM

    We are often asked — by both laity and priests — why the Minnesota Catholic Conference does not produce voter guides or candidate scoresheets that identify candidates and votes they took on specific bills or lay out their positions on issues. Understandably so, the frequency of this query tends to grow in the weeks leading up to a big election.

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  • The Church as a Thermostat

    Posted by · September 14, 2022 2:17 PM

    In his “Letter from a Birmingham Jail,” Martin Luther King makes an observation about the impact the early Christians had in the public square stating, “there was a time when the church was very powerful… the church was not merely a thermometer that recorded the ideas and principles of popular opinion; it was a thermostat that transformed the mores of society.”

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  • The Capitol Shakeup and The Questions that Need Asking

    Posted by · August 05, 2022 11:20 AM

    Historic turnover within the State Legislature presents both an opportunity and responsibility to make an impression on a new cohort of lawmakers. All 201 seats in the Minnesota Legislature are up for election this year. Minnesota Catholics must take advantage of this opportunity to transform the Legislature into a lawmaking body that places the common good over partisan rancor. Filling that tall order begins by forming our consciences and informing ourselves about the candidates who seek to represent us.

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  • Making Abortion Unthinkable: The Uphill Battle on Capitol Hill

    Posted by · July 08, 2022 3:02 PM

    The overturning of Roe is not an end, it is just the beginning. This has been the refrain from the pro-life movement since the Supreme Court’s decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization. So, if this is just the beginning, how do we get to the end where abortion is not simply illegal but truly unthinkable?

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  • Protecting our children’s right to be safe at school

    Posted by · June 10, 2022 2:35 PM

    Guns are claiming the lives of U.S. children at alarming rates. It is the second leading cause of death for our kids. We’re just halfway through 2022, and already firearms have claimed the lives of over 700 children under age 19, including the 19 who were recently killed by an 18-year-old in a mass shooting at a school in Uvalde, Texas. 

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  • Combatting the Throwaway Culture from Womb to Tomb

    Posted by · May 26, 2022 2:20 PM

    Opposing Pro-Abortion Policies

    As the legislative session winds down, lawmakers are pushing bills that energize their supporters ahead of the election. This was visible on May 12 when the Minnesota Senate Democrats attempted to vote on nine bills, some of which promoted pro-abortion ideology. Fortunately, each attempt failed the procedural vote.

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  • Protecting our children from Big Tech and child predators

    Posted by · May 06, 2022 2:00 PM

    Minnesota Legislature works to shield youth from harmful social media algorithm use

    Social media use has increased tremendously over the last decade, especially among younger users. Much chatter has erupted around the country over the damaging content social media algorithms feed to our children, and how said algorithms ought to be controlled.

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