Brandon McGinley - How Grace, not 'Going it Alone' Will Save the World

Often times in politics we hear about the need to be realistic in regards to what can be accomplished. That there is only a limited horizon of possibilities, and we have to use prudence and recognize that it is a fallen world in which we can only hope for so much. In this episode, Brandon McGinley, a writer for multiple Catholic outlets and an editor for EWTN Publishing, breaks apart those ideas. His recent article, “How grace, not ‘going it alone” will save the world,” looks at these questions of grace and realism and the need for relying on grace in all aspects of life even in political life.

In the mailbag this week we’re tackling questions surrounding the issue of payday lending. Often times you’ll see various payday lending shops in poor neighborhoods. The argument is often made that these lenders are providing people who are in immediate need with the cash they need to help fill in the gap until their next paycheck.

Why then is there a need to regulate this practice? If you take away this option for people aren’t we just harming those who are in need? How is payday lending harmful to the common good and why is the Church taking a stand on the issue?

We round out the episode with our bricklayer segment - practical tips on how you can begin to build bridges to connect faith and politics, This week we look at one way to get a singular message out by rallying large numbers of people.

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