Candidate Interview - Shane Hudella HD 41B

2022 will be a historic election year with nearly 60 new Minnesota state legislators being elected! Given this remarkable election cycle, the Minnesota Catholic Conference wants to help Catholics across the state get to know their future legislators by creating opportunities for voters to engage directly with candidates.

A candidate in your district has agreed to meet with us for a recorded interview to discuss several policy issues that are important to Minnesota Catholics and our Bishops.

MCC staff will lead the discussion; but most importantly, we are you inviting Catholic voters from the district to join as an audience. Our hope is that by profiling candidates in districts across Minnesota we will help you, the faithful citizen, learn about how your aspiring leaders plan to address critical issues impacting life, human, dignity, and the common good.


September 15, 2022 at 2:00pm - 3pm




Ryan Hamilton ·

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