Casting a Principled, Informed Vote this November

Faithful Citizenship means prayerful, active, and responsible participation in the political process. That includes knowledgeably exercising the right to vote with a well-formed conscience.

Voting is a privilege and an important duty. It is an opportunity for God’s faithful to love our neighbors by electing legislators who will hopefully enact policies that protect the weak, strengthen the family, promote the conditions for all to flourish, and ensure that citizens can practice their faith without fear of reprisal.

The responsibility of voting is especially important to Minnesotans this year; our entire state legislature is up for election. At a time when many Catholics feel politically homeless and not represented well by either party, this year’s elections provide a special opportunity to work for life and dignity where it matters most—in our own backyard. Minnesota Catholics should not let frustrations with the presidential race prevent them from participating in our many important local elections.

The choices we are to make on Election Day are not always obvious. We must rise above partisanship, self-interest, and emotions to elect candidates who are most likely to work for the common good and govern in a manner consistent with God’s providential care for all of creation. We should prepare ourselves by forming our consciences, studying the candidates’ positions and character, and turning to God for guidance in prayer.

As you get ready to cast your vote, we encourage you to visit the Minnesota Catholic Conference’s election resources center, at Here, you’ll find a novena to help you prayerfully prepare for election day, resources to help you find out where the candidates stand on the issues, and materials for forming your conscience.

Thank you for bringing your faith into the public arena.

And don’t forget to vote!


Archbishop Bernard A. Hebda
Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis

Bishop John M. LeVoir
Diocese of New Ulm

Bishop Michael J. Hoeppner
Diocese of Crookston

Bishop John M. Quinn
Diocese of Winona

Bishop Paul D. Sirba
Diocese of Duluth

Bishop Donald J. Kettler
Diocese of Saint Cloud

Auxiliary Bishop Andrew Cozzens
Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis

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