Emily Schumacher-Novak on the USCCB's "Civilize It" Campaign & Catholics' Role in Civil Discourse

Religion and politics - the two topics you're not supposed to bring up at the dinner table, right? As Catholics, we know that in reality, it is our faith that is supposed to form our consciences and thereby inform our politics. So, in a society that is less and less religious and more and more polarized, how can we go about sharing our faith and talk about politics without causing division? How can we help put civility back in civil discourse?

To help Catholics across the country answer these questions and truly engage in civil discourse, the USCCB has launched a new campaign called, “Civilize It”.

Emily Schumacher-Novak the assistant director of education and outreach at the USCCB who helped manage much of the content creation for the Civilize It campaign explains what this campaign is all about.

Then in our mailbag segment, we answer a question of how to respond with and model civility when our elected leaders and those running for elected office fail to do so.

In the bricklayer segment, this week's practical tip for becoming a disciple in the public arena: how you can help welcome those who are newcomers to our neighborhoods whether as migrants or as refugees.

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