Thomas Storck on Economics of Justice and Charity, and Catholic Social Teaching

In today’s episode, we’re discussing the economics of justice and charity through the lens of Catholic Social Teaching and what that looks like for bringing our faith into the public arena.

We are joined by Thomas Storck a prolific writer on Catholic Social Teaching, Catholic culture, and a variety of theological and philosophical topics. He has authored three books, The Catholic Milieu, Foundations of a Catholic Political Order, and Christendom and the West. He has also taught history and philosophy at the college level and holds degrees in English literature, history, and economics.

In our mailbag, we answer a question regarding a bill that would provide funding for school safety and specifically counseling for students.

In our bricklayer segment, we have details on a couple of events at the Capitol to train Catholics to be advocates and pray for our elected leaders.

***Note that this episode was recorded before the COVID-19 outbreak. Events may have changed or been canceled.***

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