Election Novena: Marriage and Family

The family founded upon marriage is the basic cell of human society. The role, responsibilities, and needs of families should be central priorities.

Marriage must be promoted and protected as the lifelong exclusive commitment between a man and a woman, which serves as the source of the next generation and a protective haven for children. Social and economic policies should uphold the God-given meaning and value of marriage and family, help families stay together, and reward responsibility and sacrifice for children. We must also continue to affirm the complementarity of the sexes, and prevent the spread of harmful and false gender ideologies.


Lord God, you willed that all children be conceived, born, and raised by a loving mother and father. Help us to discern and support elected officials who respect your plan for the family and will support its integrity through public policy. Amen.

Discernment Questions:

Where does the candidate stand on policies that protect the stability of the marriage bond and the best interests of children?

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