Catholics At The Capitol: Mayor Mike Franklin On Government Affairs

In this episode, we have another one of our great Catholics at the Capitol features in which we talk with a Catholic who is living out their call to faithful citizenship right here in Minnesota. We’ll be speaking with Mike Franklin, the new Mayor of Jordan Minnesota – a great small town in Scott County on the Minnesota River. Mike knows many sides of Government Affairs as he has organized projects for political candidates, nonprofit organizations, multinational corporations, and Grassroots-level community interests. Having served his employers and clients as a fundraiser, lobbyist, communications professional, issue expert, researcher, and volunteer recruiter.

In our mailbag segment, we answer a question about people who have migrated to the United States.

And of course, we want to leave you with some practical tips on how you can start to put your faith into action. In our bricklayer segment, we further examine how you can engage with politics on the local level.

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