Madeleine Kearns - Why legalizing prostitution will only make it worse

In this week's episode, we speak with Madeleine Kearns, a reporter at National Review, about her recent article, “Don’t Legalize Prostitution; It Will Only Make the Problem Worse.” We delve into the movement that is trying to legalize prostitution and why it could have a host of other unforeseen consequences. Plus, what the 2020 presidential candidates are saying on the issue, and the successes being seen around the world in helping victims of prostitution and human trafficking.

Then in our mailbag segment, we tackle the issue of school choice, opportunity scholarships, and why enabling parents to choose the right school for their children will not negatively impact public school funding.

We round out the program with our Bricklayer segment. This week we discuss a new small group study program that MCC is about to release. We explain how the "Minnesota, Our Common Home" document, study guide, and ecological examen can help you to grow in the faith and put your faith into action.

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