Matt Valliere on Assisted Suicide & The Impacts of COVID-19 on Patients' Rights

In today’s episode, we discuss assisted suicide and how the COVID-19 pandemic is shedding new light on the way patients are treated. We speak with Matt Vallière the Executive Director of the Patients' Rights Action Fund whose mission is to protect patients’ civil rights and oppose efforts to make suicide a legal medical treatment option. Matt is also an emergency medical services first responder. His recent op-ed in Newsweek points out the need for federal triage protocols that ethically and legally ensure equal access to care.

In our mailbag segment, we are discussing the ethics of vaccines and the call for creating a COVID-19 vaccine that is free from ties to abortion.

In the bricklayer segment, we look at how you can help ensure every Minnesotan receives real care throughout life’s journey by joining the Minnesota Alliance for Ethical Healthcare.

Further resources:
Newsweek article:…ess-care-1498163

Action Alert to Develop an Ethical COVID-19 Vaccine:

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