MCC: Thursday: Rally for Marriage at the Capitol!

Marriage Amendment at the goal line!  House likely to vote Thursday; protect marriage NOW

Come to the Capitol on Thursday to support Marriage Amendment

The marriage amendment is coming up for a vote in the House this week.  There will likely be a full floor vote on Thursday.

We are asking people to go to the Capitol on Thursday, May 19, wearing red or blue, and holding signs.  It is very important to show legislators that Minnesotans want to preserve marriage and vote on a constitutional amendment!

We do not know when exactly it will hit the floor, or when the House will be in session.   But we’ll need people standing outside the House chamber with their signs, especially when legislators go into session and during the actual floor hearing (as well as anytime beforehand).  People should come to the Capitol and simply stand outside the House chamber to show their support of marriage.  We need people all through Thursday!  Come any time.  There will be others there all day. People can call House Information at 651-296-2146 for exactly when the House will meet that day.   You won’t be alone!

We need folks with homemade signs expressing these messages (don’t get creative!):

1.       Minnesotans for Marriage!

2.       Protect Marriage in Minnesota!

3.       Let the people vote!

Every single person who attends makes a big difference.  We need a strong showing in support of marriage.  Bring your kids for a civics lesson!

Do not engage folks on the other side.  They try to provoke our people.   Always be respectful!  Signs are not permitted in the gallery if you want to sit in on the hearing.

In addition to attending the House hearings, everyone can call their state representative (the Senate has already passed the bill) and encourage them to vote for the marriage amendment (HF 1613).  All we are asking the legislators to do is let the people of Minnesota have a public debate about this important issue and put it to a vote in 2012.

Thank you!

Jason Adkins

Executive Director, Minnesota Catholic Conference

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