Non Public Education Partners 2021 Legislative Session Initiatives

Nonpublic Education Partners is a coalition of organizations who have come together to advance a unified legislative agenda for the 2021 Legislative Session in support of nonpublic students in Minnesota.

During the 2021 Legislative Session, we are supporting three legislative initiatives:

  1. Nonpublic Pupil Transportation Program. The coalition is recommending both a fiscal and policy related change to current statutes regarding transportation for nonpublic students. The change would require school districts to transport nonpublic students regardless of the learning environment (distance, hybrid, in-person) at the public school. The second change would provide an increase in funding for public schools under the Nonpublic Schools Transportation Aid Program. We are proposing an increase in the per-student formula provided to school districts for these services.

Statues impacted:  Minnesota Statutes 123B.86 and 123B.92.

  1. Guidance Counseling and Mental Health Services. Under current law, nonpublic students are entitled to counseling and guidance services for students enrolled in grades 7-12. Under the proposed legislation, we support extending services for students in grades K-12. We know that counseling and mental health services are needed for students in all grades, not just grades 7-12.

Statutes impacted:  Minnesota Statutes 123B.40 to 123B.43 and 123B.87

  1. Safe Schools Program. In 2019, the Minnesota Legislature provided public schools with $36/student in one-time funding for expenses related to the Safe Schools Program. In 2020, legislation was introduced that made this funding permanent and added nonpublic schools to the program at the same level. If the legislature makes the funding permanent or provides another round of one-time funding in 2021, we are requesting that nonpublic schools receive similar funding to ensure all schools are safe and funding remains equitable.

Statutes impacted:  Minnesota Statutes 123B.61 and 126C.44

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